“The entirety of the Jewish people is responsible for one another.”

Order of the Day:

Acting Upon Our Commitment to Mutual Responsibility

כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה


Dear Friends,

In these terribly challenging times, The Association for the Commemoration of the Fifth President Yitzhak Navon – in keeping with our core values of mutual responsibility and social cohesion – is determined to assist in the rehabilitation of those in the settlements along the Gaza border who were most directly affected by the savagery of Hamas.

In consultation with the local regional councils, we will be providing the material and social/psychological support that is most needed as donations come in, 100% of which will go to these purposes.

The needs of the children and adults whose loved ones have been murdered or captured, who have been wounded and traumatized, who have had their homes destroyed and been left with nothing – as well as the soldiers who have been called upon to defend us all – know no bounds.

Every donation will be received with deep appreciation and distributed for maximum impact.

Tax deductible contributions to the Association for the Commemoration of the Fifth President Yitzhak Navon should be made through the P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds:

For ACH or wire transfers (recommended):

Israel Discount Bank
1114 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10036

ABA# 026009768
Account # 1311804
Account name: PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. 

A separate email should be sent to Heli Tharp Heli@pefisrael.org with a copy to David Breakstone david@navon-center.org.il with the following text:

Please be advised that [$amount] is being / has been wired to the P.E.F. Israel Endowment Fund on [date] to be transferred to The Association for the Commemoration of the Fifth President Yitzhak Navon, Israeli NGO number: 580621977, specifically to be used to meet the needs of those in Israel impacted by the Iron Swords War. The donation is being made by [legal name for purpose of acknowledgment] at [address].

By Check:

Checks should be made payable to P.E.F. Israel Endowments Funds and mailed, together with the information indicated in the paragraph above, to: 

P.E.F Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
630 Third Avenue, Suite # 1500
New York, NY 10017

An email informing us of the contribution, should be sent to David Breakstone at david@navon-center.org.il. If there is a specific purpose to which you would like your contribution to be directed, please inform us of that.